About PGR-Clim

PGR-Clim aims to provide an easy interface to access important climate change information with respect to plant genetic resources management. The alpha version of this web-based program is limited to collection information of five crops (sorghum, pearl millet, wheat, chickpea and pigeon pea). The program allows the user to choose a crop and visualize how climate is predicated to change over time and stimulate them to assess impacts and measures. PGR-Clim is our first informatics efforts towards linking PGR and climate change.

With PGR-Clim you can view germplasm collection sites in case of five crops on:

  • India map
  • Soil map
  • Agro-ecological zones
  • Current and future temperatures
  • Current and future rainfall

About the project

“Utilization of ex situ collections and climate analogues for enhancing adaptive capacity to climate change” was conceptualized and implemented to link specific agronomic descriptors and geographic origins of germplasm accessions with current and future environmental data. By effectively accessing and interpreting such information, one could shortlist prospective germplasm accessions that are pre-adapted to predicted changes in climate. This was expected to improve the resilience and capacity of agricultural systems to adapt to environmental changes in India.

The specific objectives of the study were to employ climate analog tools to identify pre-adapted germplasm (value addition to genebank collections) and vulnerable areas (for collection and conservation) in five select crops—wheat, pearl millet, chickpea, pigeon pea and sorghum. The methodology comprised geo-referencing and clustering the accessions, identifying vulnerable areas, designating pre-adapted material, collecting germplasm from predicted sites, and developing database and climate maps.

About funding agency

The project was sponsored by CCAFS consulting contract #4500013658.

CCAFS (Research programme on climate change, agriculture and food security) is a collaborative network among all 15 CGIAR research centers and coordinates with the other CGIAR research programs. CCAFS brings together the world's best researchers in agricultural science, climate science, environmental and social sciences to identify and address the most important interactions, synergies and trade-offs between climate change and agriculture. CCAFS will define and implement a uniquely innovative and transformative research program that addresses agriculture in the context of climate variability, climate change and uncertainty about future climate conditions.


The present study was envisaged because of proactive initiative of Prof. Kailash Bansal, Director (NBPGR). Continuous guidance of Prof. Pramod Aggarwal, CCAFS Regional Program Leader (IWMI, India); handholding of Dr. Prem Mathur, Regional Director (Bioversity International) and technical contributions of Ms. Sarika Mittra are gratefully acknowledged.


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Firoz Ahmad, Research Associate (IT)
Design and development

Anuj Singh, Research Associate (Geoinformatics)
Data analysis and images

Rajeev Gambhir, Technical Officer (AKMU)
Management and webhosting
Email: gambhir@nbpgr.ernet.in

Sunil Archak, Principal Investigator
Concept and Monitoring
Email: sarchak@nbpgr.ernet.in
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